06 / oktober 2020
Caruur Gent receives Knack Roeselare on Saturday evening with only eight players
New Season opening fixtures

Volleyball club Caruur Gent has decided to finish the first day of the volleyball competition, even though they only have eight players. The three great talents Plaskie, Van Elsen and Ocket are currently playing the roof of the roof with the national team during the European U20 championships in the Czech Republic. The new attacker Tobias Kjær from Denmark is also unable to participate due to a patellar tendon rupture.

“And yet on Saturday we will go all out for a good result against the champions team of Roeselare”, says Tim Degruyter. “There are several reasons for this. It has been so long since we were allowed to contest another official match. Second, the club certainly did not want to mess up the competition calendar from the first day of play. And we prefer to start with a home game on a normal Saturday evening, instead of having a postponed game somewhere in the middle of the week. The chances of winning with an incomplete team are smaller. But you can't just leave a poster on the opening matchday, such as against Knack Roeselare. ”

Ambition for a place just behind the top three
“With a full team, we can - just like last year - aim for a fourth, fifth place”, the captain of Caruur Gent analyzes his completely renewed team. “The club has found very good replacements for the seven players who have left. Without a doubt, we have been strengthened in width. Last year we were very close to fourth place. Our coach Jan Van Huffel is still often awake from the match against Menen. In the EuroMillions League, the top three - Roeselare, Maaseik and Aalst - continue to claim their favorite role. Behind that there are opportunities for us. We should really make use of it

The competition has been meticulously prepared by the board, with advice from the Mensura company, to ensure that everything runs as safely as possible. Several teams have already shown interest in the extensive organizational plan with four separate bubbles. Ben Weyts, former deputy minister with the authority for sports and the city of Ghent, allowed the necessary deviations, so that Caruur Gent can receive its own supporters and Knack Roeselare without any problems.